History of the Reunion
Newton Reunion


History of the Reunion

In 1981 Ted Bagley, Arthur Bosselman and myself, Geno Orsogna, were talking about how over the past years we were losing contact with some of the friends we grew up with. Attending a high school reunion would not reunite us, as some of our friends graduated in different years and schools. The idea came up as to why not have a neighborhood reunion. The neighborhood being The Falls and the the Highlands.

Over the course of the next several months we gathered addresses, made phone calls and spread the word around. In June of 1981 the first reunion was held at the Post 440 in Newton. Over one hundred people attended, making it a huge success. Some of the attendees had not seen each other in over 15 years. It was a pleasure to see friends reunite and talk about old times, and what they are now doing.

With the success of the reunion it was decided to have another one. In June of 1983 at Rossi's Restaurant in Dedham a second one was held. Again, another huge success.

After a five-year hiatus Lois Libbey took over the operation of the reunion. With the help of Patti Bosselman, Sharron Quinn and Jeanie Crowley, the reunions were started again. Lois expanded the reunion to include a wider age group. Soon parents, children and newcomers were attending. Lois made it a true neighborhood reunion, and she brought it to the next level, with close to 400 people now attending. Without Lois the reunion would not be what it has become, a symbol of old friends and neighbors getting together.

Sadly, Lois passed away in 2004 after a brief illness. Her family, and all of the people she brought together at the reunions, sorely miss her. No one can ever replace Lois, but what we can do is continue the reunions as legacy to her.